27 Jun Insta Crush: Eye Candy by Raymond

Beautiful cakes are all the rage these days. With bakers showcasing their amazing works on Instagram, one can only feel amazed – and probably a little hungry.

Raymond Tan, better known as Ray, describes himself as a bizarre individual and an avid home baker. Growing up in Klang and now calling Melbourne his home, Raymond has always been passionate about food – discovering, thinking and approaching them in his own wacky ways. While completing his Masters Degree in Accounting, Raymond started baking as a creative outlet. After all, accounting never did quite capture his heart’s passion. Moving to Melbourne awakened the sweet tooth in Raymond – his quest for the perfect lemon tart resulted in him cranking up the oven in his kitchen to experiment. Raymond baked his first cake in 2014 for a friend’s birthday, which was an ambitious attempt at a Katherine Sabbath style cake. He got positive responses and so, gorgeous cakes have been flying out from his tiny kitchen apartment ever since!

Each design is planned out in his head – building them in different heights, getting colourful and putting crazy toppings on it. Oh, did we mention that Raymond is an architecture drop out? Raymond’s cakes start off with a theme, after which he just goes design crazy.  Going to the extreme of baking a tray of macarons just to complete the look of his cake, obsessed doesn’t even begin to describe his passion for these cakes! Despite being known for his eye-catching deserts, Raymond ensures that his cakes taste as good  as they look. Often experimenting with different flavours and textures, those who have tasted his creations would be able to tell you that it is, indeed scrummy.

At the moment, Raymond is travelling and taking a small break from work. He’s got some exciting baking projects coming up and a few market appearances too. Check out his work on Instagram and be ready to get some tummy rumbles.

Get to know Raymond:
Instagram – @rymondtn

Article by: Denise Lee (@missnise7)