22 Jun Insta Crush: Up Close with Husaini

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There’s something brewing behind the lenses of Husaini Mustapha – something unquestionably alluring; something that creates an undeniable curiosity. A fascination sparked within Husaini in 2007 as he scrolled through photographs shared by his friends online, and he soon started to experiment with a point-and-shoot camera. After graduating from UiTM with a diploma in photography, Husaini instinctively knew that is was his calling.

Portraits are his speciality, his art, and most importantly, his passion. Each photograph is seen as a captured soul and emotion telling a poignant story, tugging at your heartstrings. Most of his subjects are friends and acquaintances, whom Husaini has developed close bonds with. Husaini stays humble by allowing himself to meet other successful individuals in the industry or art scene. Through getting to know these people, Husaini always reminds himself that his knowledge is limited and there are always opportunities for him to explore and improve himself to achieve his goals.

Currently, the self-declared eccentric is doing freelance photography before enrolling for his masters. With a steady following that is constantly growing, Husaini is well on his way to making a name for himself.

Get to know Husaini:
Instagram – @husainimustapha

Article by: Denise Lee (@missnise7)