02 Sep JTNC by Justin Chew


Malaysian designer Justin Chew is no stranger to the fashion scene in Kuala Lumpur. Showcasing his latest collection, JTNC by Justin Chew at Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week Ready to Wear 2016, the crowd was in for a real treat.

Justin tells us, “Inspired to promote peace and unity, Collection One by JTNC was created in relation to the strife and tragedies that the world has been going through lately. Out of the chaos and violence besetting everyone around the world, Collection One aims to spread awareness of non-violence and equality in its products from my perspective as the designer”.

The collection features pieces that include cool and bold digital prints, along with frayed denim. While some pieces still remain true to being basic, design elements can be seen through oversized t-shirts injected with bursts of orange. Each hoodie, t-shirt, and jacket is carefully designed to look trendy despite having a street style vibe. A small selection of JTNC by Justin Chew also highlights several pieces that were designed in collaboration with BOTANIC Records, an independent music label dedicated to championing and cultivating Southeast Asian music. Each of the collaborated pieces includes a subtle hint, coming in the form of a silkscreened label providing a link to Malaysian music producer, Adam Kasturi’s latest EP.

“This marks the first ever local fashion brand collaboration with a local music label in an effort to pursue similar interests in promoting peace, unity and creativity.,”

JTNC is a totally fresh and different take from Justin Chew RTW. While Justin Chew RTW was all about the designer’s imagination, deconstruction and creativity, JTNC relates to designs that Justin loves and would wear himself.

Formerly known as Justin Chew Basic, JTNC by Justin Chew takes on a brand new direction. Focusing more on street culture and streetwear, Justin knew that he wanted to endorse a good streetwear brand among Malaysians, using the JTNC identity.

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Article by: Denise Lee (@missnise7)