22 Aug KLFW 2016 Trend Setters Part 2

Amazing fashion galore. The stylish array of individuals never ends. Feast your eyes on these fabulous fashionistas that we spotted at KLFW 2016.


Naima (@naeemahkuntum)
Name a Kardashian. “Kim Kardashian.”


Farhanah Firdaus (@faafirds), Firzanah Firdaus (@fiefirds) and Edlin Nur Ahmad (@edlinnur)
“We love Hatta Dolmat!”


Fifie Khalid (@fifskhalid)
“I’m wearing KOZO and loving it!”


Johana Ira (@johanajohar)
“Favourite local designers – Alia Bustamam and Nurita Harith”


Alan Thum (@alanthum)
Pick a Kardashian. “None!”


Jay Ang (@totallyperry) and Yu Masui (@yumasui)
“Motoguo’s show has been our favourite so far.”


Adam Jeffery (@i_am_madhatter93)
“Current favourite song would be Send My Love (To Your New Lover) by Adele.”


Charis Ow (@charisow)
“My must have beauty product – eyebrow pencil!”


Nur Aqilah Hanoum (@qilaqla)
“Here to spot the best street styles.”


Arabyrd (@iamarabyrd)
Spotted in JTNC by Justin Chew.


Ethan Chu (@ethanchuchu)
“Nobody likes the Kardashians!”


Rin Zheng (@zyrin)
Current favourite song on your playlist. “Keep Your Head Up by Birdy.”


Audrey (@fourfeetnine)
“Penny, smile at the camera!”


Secret Lau (@secretlzg)
Spotted at Kittie Yiyi’s show.


Lumi (@lovelumi)
Sporting Yezzo Crop top and Supercrew jacket from FABSPY.


Brian See (@mrbriansee)  and Kittie Yiyi (@kittieyiyi)
Fresh off the KLFW runway is Mr. Model Extraordinaire, Brian See and the lovely Kittie Yiyi, who’s show blew everyone away.


Jimmy Umar (@jenesaisquoi.kl)
Just because we loved his suit.


Abiel (@abielteam)
“If I had to pick one designer, it would be Hatta Dolmat.”


Juni Yap (@labeltrunc) and Emma Zhazleen (@emmashazleen)
Pick a team. Selena vs Justin. “Team Bieber.”
Must have fashion accessory? “Bags!”


Joseph Germani (@josephgermani)
Pick a celebrity closet. “Kanye West.”


Jenni Tan (@jennitann)
“I love layers – it’s comfortable yet chic.”

Photography by: Nicole Lim (@jesuistigerlily) and Andy Goh (@ee.goh)
Text by: Denise Lee (@missnise7)