19 Aug KLFW 2016 Trend Setters Part 1

It’s that time of the year again – KL Fashion Week Ready to Wear 2016. It’s the fourth consecutive year running and so far, everyone’s fashion week ensembles are on point. Check out some of the fashion forward people we spotted at KLFW so far!


Ronn Tan (@ronnnnnt)
“Although I’m a guy, J.Lo’s closet is a must see!”


Steven Lo (@s.tevennn)
“I own about 20 pairs of shoes. Maybe more!”


Andre Amir (@andreamir)
“Fashion faux pas – when I started out, I was wearing everything and anything.”

DSC_3302 A

Khainina Khalil (@khaininakhalil)
“I love shopping for local designer goods.”

DSC_3295 A

Ira Roslan (@iraroslan)
Selena vs Justin? “Team Bieber always!”

DSC_3316 A

Raja Shah (@rajaidnar)
“He’s my friend so my opinion might be bias but I love Hatta Dolmat’s designs.”

DSC_3307 A

Nadia (@manislymanis)
“I can’t tell you how many pairs of shoes I own. It’s an uncountable amount!”

DSC_3331 A

Sheryl Toh (@s.jtyan)
“I own more than 40 pairs of shoes.”

DSC_3322 A

Danielle Lee (@blondaholik)
Pick a Kardashian. “Kendall Jenner!”

DSC_3342 A

Yilin (@yilinisgood_610)
“If I could, I would love to own Joe Chia and Jeremy Scott’s closets.”

DSC_3337 A

Liyana Sobri (@liyananasobri)
“I am wearing KOZO today.”


Jazel Lim (@jazelxlim) and Olivia Shyan (@oliviashyan)
Pick a Kardashian. “Kendall Jenner for sure!”
What about the number of shoes you own. “I own too many shoes till I can’t count!”

DSC_3374 A

Michelle Chia (@michellechia29)
Pick a team – Selena vs Justin. “Team Selena!”

DSC_3382 A

Marco Chow (@marcochowww) and Jasmine Lee (@j.peizhi)
Name a Kardashian. “Kylie Jenner!”

DSC_3393 A

Wawa Hasyim (@wawa.hasyim)
“I own a lot of shoes. Around 50 pairs.”

DSC_3401 A

Kéa (@kinkipoo)
Name a local fashion designer you love. “Justin Chew!”

DSC_3407 A

Li Sha (@l1sha)
“I Love You, I Hate You by Gnash is currently on loop on my playlist.”


Ismail Rosly (@ismailroslyy) and Alynn Ramli (@alynn.ramli)
“We love Zery Zamry’s designs.”

DSC_3422 A

Annas Zulkeflee (@al.annaszulkeflee)
“Heathens by Twenty One Pilots is currently my favourite song playing on loop.”

DSC_3430 A

Junn Tan (@junn_94)
“I would love to see what goes on behind the scenes in Comme des Garçons!”

Photography by: Andy Goh (@ee.goh)
Text by: Denise Lee (@missnise7)