09 Jun Mastuli Khalid: Rona Roni Collection

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It’s that time of the year again, and Hari Raya is just around the corner.

Since its debut in February 2015, Mastuli Khalid stands for comfort, quality, and minimalism.  Mastuli Khalid’s signature style is loose, structured, with a hint of masculinity. Based in Kuching, the brand started at Oddhaus, a fashion boutique selling various clothing brands. Mastuli Khalid is the brainchild of Dewi Khalid after running Oddhaus for two years.

The Rona Roni Collection is inspired by Sarawak’s famous ‘kuih lapis’ (layer cake). The collection itself is not exactly Raya attire but it is definitely Raya friendly. While some colour is injected to give a festive vibe, Mastuli Khalid’s signature black is still incorporated to give their customers a broader selection. The looks are timeless, which means that the pieces can be worm every season. Each piece is textured, and made of solid coloured fabrics using cotton polyester. There are 7 designs in total, each with two colours except the kimono.

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