06 Jul Super Chic: Charis Ow


Fashion and beauty YouTuber Charis Ow is our street icon for the month of July. Bubbly, dorky and relatable are the traits that describe her best, but it’s her down-to-earth personality that makes her everyone’s favourite girl-next-door. Charis kicked off her YouTube career posting videos of her singing and doing covers of popular songs. In 2014, Charis changed her direction, creating more content that relates to beauty and fashion. Her popularity in the industry grew. Known for her feminine and chic style, we got Charis to spice things up by mixing her favourite pieces with streetwear as an interesting experiment. It was a gloomy Friday afternoon when Charis joined the Ink team for a shoot but no rain could dampen her spirits for she was all smiles – and maybe a good giggle or two. We hope that you enjoy these selected looks by our fashion guru of the month as much as we do!

Charis Look 1A
Charis Look 1B

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Charis Look 2A
Charis Look 2B

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Charis Look 3A
Charis Look 3B

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We also got Charis to tell us more about fashion and her YouTube journey. Check out her interview below.

Describe your personal style.

To be honest, I do not have a “set” style as I love experimenting with different styles! But, I do find myself gravitating towards casual and comfortable pieces more often. I guess to some extent, comfort is my style. Haha!

What do you love about fashion?

I love how there is no rules with fashion and you can just express yourself through it!

How did you get into blogging and YouTube?

I started singing on YouTube in 2009 and after that, I was blessed with the chance of opening for Jayesslee, Clara C and Jason Chen in 2012 and 2013 when I returned to Malaysia from Vietnam! However, in 2014, I became more serious about making YouTube as my career and changed my channel’s direction to focus on fashion and beauty instead. Don’t get me wrong – I still love to sing! Perhaps I’ll be making a comeback soon? *winks

Your YouTube channel just turned 2, what was it like celebrating such a huge milestone?

Ahhh, it is crazy to know that 2 years just went by just like that! What really touched my heart was being able to meet my subscribers and spend the day with them in person. I can finally meet them face-to-face, talk to them, get to know them while having fun – there were games, food and a photobooth on that day! It was definitely more than what I expected. They have done so much for me and I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for my subscribers!

Get to know Charis:
Instagram – @charisow 
YouTube – youtube.com/charisowTV
Facebook – facebook.com/charisowTV
Snapchat – @charisow

Photography by: Nicole Lim (@jesuistigerlily)
Article and artwork by: Denise Lee (@missnise7)