10 Oct Tarik Jeans — Rock is not dead


A man cooling tea with that signature ‘tarik’ action will entice any Malaysian to recall the ‘makan (eat), minum (drink) dan lepak (chill)’ culture at the mamak stall. Now made into the mascot of local premium denim label Tarik Jeans, teh tarik might have a new significance.

Drawing on the tarik or pull meaning in English, Tarik Jeans wants to pull in local and global interest with its high quality and progressively designed denims. Afiq Iskandar aka Amber, guitarist of rock band Oh Chentaku (OCK) and lead of Red Ruby Avengers is the founder of Tarik Jeans. A passionate musician from his younger days, Afiq’s journey in pursuing his career in music also led him to explore and develop his other talents like designing. It begin with a t-shirt brand of his own then after making his own pair of jeans in Bandung, Indonesia, Afiq found his ‘Aha, this is it!’ moment.

rock is not dead

Not your ordinary jeans label, Tarik Jeans is also an advocate of Malaysian pop culture and art. Each Tarik Jeans item is named and designed to embrace the diversity of local Malaysian culture. The label’s latest collection ‘Anak Liar’ or ‘Wild Child’ collection is paying homage to the local ‘rock kapak’ era when ‘hair bands’ soared at the charts and played throughout the radio stations. ‘Rock kapak’ owns a signature image and style that may seem grotesque to some but one must admit that it aroused curiousity and created an impact on fashion. Heavily inspired by this era, Tarik Jean’s Anak Liar collection also infused other legendary icons like Tan Sri P.Ramlee and Jack Kerouac, skateboard culture and hypermarkets to give Tarik Jeans a more current look.

Tight fitting jeans that hugs the hips, Tarik Jeans for both men and women are form fitting, giving it a classy and timeless appeal. Every Wild Child needs a self-expressing outerwear that will complete a look. Tarik Jeans vests definitely showcase the essence of rock with an added biker soulfulness.

Rock is not dead, definitely not with Tarik Jeans.

Tarik Jeans Website: tarik.my
Tarik Jeans Facebook: @tarikjeans
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Photography by: Tarik Jeans
Article by: Celestine Na (@celestjoan)