08 Jul The Runway Boy: Gavin Chua

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When you think of models, shyness is not a trait expected of them. But that was Gavin Chua, finalist of I Wanna be a Model on 8TV, when he first started modelling. An ordinary boy of extraordinary proportions who grew up in Kuala Lumpur, Gavin grew up doing typical boy stuff – like playing video games. He used to be a very bashful child, often focusing his vision on the floor and almost sprinting, when asked to walk through a crowd. It’s interesting to know that in the past, Gavin would rather choose to stay silent even if it makes the situation awkward because he has now developed into a model with an edge.

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Gavin walked the runway for the very first time during his senior’s fashion show in Tunku Abdul Rahman University College, and it was the adrenaline that got him hooked to modelling. Despite his (very) shaky legs, the rush that Gavin got when all eyes were on him as he paraded the creation of a designer can only be incredible as one might imagine. Soon, he was doing catalogue shoots and even got the chance to walk for Malaysian designer, Zakwan Anuar’s Spring Summer 2014 Collection. Before he knew it, Gavin found himself in I Wanna be a Model as a finalist. Through I Wanna be a Model, Gavin learned a lot about modelling and even got the chance to try out interesting concepts – like body painting. The competition has also opened doors for Gavin to gather experience and know people in the industry. His name as a model is slowly but surely rising.

Like all models, Gavin sometimes finds it a huge struggle to bring out the feeling that a photographer wants during the shoot. Especially during the early days. As a result, he often feels like he’s wasted everyone’s time. However, this difficult process has made Gavin more adaptable to the different situations and moods that he is required to portray.

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When he’s not learning more about how to be a top model, you’ll find Gavin chilling out with some tunes blasting from his laptop. Perhaps he’s also catching a movie or two. Currently, Gavin lives with his grandmother and little sister, which he has described as his simple and lovely little family. As his parents are working overseas, Gavin sends them pictures from his shoots, and with their love and support, he will continue to work hard towards his goal of being a top male model. Given the chance to work anywhere in the world, Gavin would love to walk during Milan fashion week and we are certain that he’s made for that runway some day.

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Photography by: Andy Goh (@ee.goh)
Article and artwork by: Denise Lee (@missnise7)