23 Sep The Soul of Blau Grun


The Ink team had recently met up with Camie Ler and Kim Kent, business owners and partners of Blau Grun. They invited us into their showroom in Sri Petaling – a relatively small space but warm and welcoming ambience nonetheless.


If you have never heard of Blau Grun, they are an independent street style brand from Malaysia, and a member of the FABSPY family. Blau Grun is a brand that focuses on producing high quality garments while still being affordable. Most of their pieces are unisex, making a favourite among a wide target audience.

So, why “Blau Grun”? Camie explains that in the Icelandic language, Blau Grun literally means “blue background”, which signifies the values of freedom and dependability of the elements. This same spirit is said to be the driving force for the team to “influence the market by creating fashion branding and then cultivate the culture of freedom through design”. Blau Grun offers a simple collection of tees that are minimal yet meticulously detailed. Each garment is made made using quality materials – the pieces are lightweight and yet, non-translucent. Additionally, each design is timeless because Camie believes that, “rather than following seasons and trends, we concentrate on releasing timeless clothing all year round”.


As we got to know Camie and Kent better, we found out that they have been good friends since secondary school. Being friends for so long, they are a compatible pair, despite their different professions prior to setting up this business together. Their roles complement each other as Camie is the brain, coming up with the best designs as she is bursting with wild ideas, while Kent is the braun, having an engineering background. It all began with a random idea and a dream that they shared. This idea soon became a passion to see freedom in creativity through design. Both Camie and Kent, thought, “Why not just do it? What do we have to lose?” They both decided that a clothing line was the way to go and so, Blau Grun was born.

When asked about some of the mistakes that they have made as brand owner, Camie and Kent agreed that, “being passive is the biggest mistake that [they] have made as it resulted in lost opportunities”. Another issue that they have been facing as new brand owners is the problem of recruitment. Often times, they find that “getting the right person to work for [them] is very difficult”. As they rely a lot on teamwork, they need to hire someone who is compatible with their team dynamics. Despite these setbacks, the team has never backed down.


If there’s one thing that Camie wants new brand owners to know, it would be this: “Identity and knowledge of management is the most basic thing when starting your own clothing label. Do not only follow trends, as they come and go quickly. Offer something that can be contributed to society. But most importantly, just be yourself”.

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Blau Grun Instagram – @blaugrunofficial
Blau Grun Facebook – facebook.com/blaugrunofficial 

Photography by: Andy Goh (@ee.goh) and Nicole Lim (@jesuistigerlily)
Article by: Denise Lee (@missnise7)