11 Nov Yang Emirra: Timeless Classic Reimagined


Minimalist fashion has long claimed its spotlight in the local fashion industry since the emergence of labels like Joe Chia, Anaabu, Quhji and Tsyahmi. Following suit their footsteps, is a designer with a main focus in catering to the modest fashion market  — Yang Emirra — whose experimental sartorial aesthetics are heavily influenced by the art of buildings with her cutting edge designs.

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Yang Emirra


Who says architectural design can’t mix with fashion?

Yang Emirra’s self-named label began in 2015 when she was studying architecture. While discovering the tedious design processes of designing buildings, the thought of applying that process to other forms of designs like fashion came to mind. While modest fashion in Malaysia is flourishing, it still lacks diversity and Yang Emirra embodies a modern take of modest styles. Minimal yet demure styles make up the heart of Yang Emirra — perfect for those who want to go for a look that is effortlessly fashionable and eye-pleasing at the same time, even when covered up. Her designs are also influenced by the Japanese art and fashion scene because according to Yang Emirra, “It has never failed to achieve that uttermost beauty even in the most straightforward and humble manner.”


Trends always come and go but Yang Emirra still believes that in fashion, there will always be essential elements that remain timeless. The pieces from “Timeless Classics” feature materials that are in line with Yang Emirra’s design DNA —  comfortable, practical and cater to structural aesthetics. The cutting, proportion and silhouette is what makes her designs different from any other brands and will catch the minimalist eyes instantly.

Be on a lookout for more collection pieces that are versatile and modest from Yang Emirra to add timeless staples in your wardrobe. Browse through the gallery below for YANG EMIRRA’s Timeless Classics collection.

What makes your collection different from other clothing brands?

I always go for clean and edgy cuts with attention to details. More importantly, it covers the aurah. ☺

What do you hope to achieve with your current collection?

YANG EMIRRA turns 1 this year and I hope that more people will recognise us in the future. We hope to find more buyers from the fashion industry to expand our products globally, In Shaa Allah.

Do you have anything that's currently holding you back as to what you're doing now?

We are a small company now with restricted working capital and I think it is the biggest challenge that I face. Less exposure in this industry is also a setback but we are slowly catching up! For that, we thank FABSPY again for recognising us and giving us this opportunity.

Any advice to those who want to start their own clothing line?

The first thing is to just start with whatever you have. Don’t wait because there are more and more new brands coming up. Try to take one step back and think what makes your brand outstanding than the rest. It is not always about money-making. Be smart in cutting costs while not impacting too much on aesthetics and comfort, as these are selling factors that you should never compromise. More importantly, just be yourself and believe.

Shop the collection here:
YANG EMIRRA Instagram: @yangemirra.design

Photography by: Yang Emirra
Article by: Maizatul Yasmin (@maizatulyasmin)